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The Road To There, is a blog dedicated to sharing the lessons I have learned on my journey to self-love. I hope to help my readers become stronger and more attentive to their inner self.


The longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself; and yet, people forget that this is the relationship that deserves the most effort. I have put my effort, love, and attention in others, in my relationship with others, and in ensuring the happiness of others. I did this, without realizing that in doing so, I was betraying myself. My people pleasing tendencies and lack of boundaries lead to a deep seeded unhappiness masked by the satisfaction of putting others at ease. I have allowed people who have greatly hurt me far too many chances and set my standards far too low; and I failed to realize that this was a result of my lack of self-love and self-worth.

I hope to share the lessons I have learned on my journey, with people who are enduring similar experiences to my own. I hope to empower you to use your voice and continue taking steps down the road to your desired destination. Boundary setting, words of affirmation, self-realization and self-attentiveness are all tools I will elaborate on as a guide to protect your inner peace and practice self-love. I am not a psychologist, therapist, or counsellor. I will use my own experiences, and my own journey to encourage others to change their lives, including their relationship with themselves and others.

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